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Lodging Options in Flagstaff

There are a variety of choices available for your group's lodging before and after your Grand Canyon trip.

Let us help make it simple!

Lodging Composite.jpg


1) We recommend Days Hotel by Wyndham on 2200 East Butler Ave in Flagstaff. They offer a discount for Ceiba Adventures clients, which you can access directly here.


It is a great place to stay because not only is it close to Ceiba, but it also has a good restaurant, The Northern Pines, that you can do your group dinner at before and after your trip without having to drive or Uber.  - Contact Kylie at the front desk 928.637.6772 if you have any issues with reservations.

2) Also try Hotel Aspen Inn Suites  a mid-range hotel conveniently located within walking distance from downtown Flagstaff. Let them know you are on a Ceiba trip for discount.



1) Ascend Vacations

Vacation Property Manager - Massimiliano C. Johnson

2) Flagstaff Vacation Rentals

Guest Services Team - John Clemons

Rentals available for large river trip groups!



3) Miscellaneous Listings:





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