Ceiba Adventures Grand Canyon Trip Payment Form

Depending on your most recent conversation(s) with your Trip Leader/Organizer (TL), today you may be paying just an initial deposit; you may be paying for your entire portion; you may be paying a partial portion; or you may be paying the remaining balance of your portion. You could also be paying for personal gear (paco pad, chair, dry bag, helmet, kayak, etc.); retail purchases (guide books, etc.); personal vehicle shuttles.





Trip Leader/Organizer (TL) First & Last Name:* The person whose name is on the main group invoice with Ceiba.


Launch Date:* The date your trip shoves off from Lees Ferry, not the rig day. If you are hiking in to lower end of the trip, enter the date the trip leaves from Lees Ferry, not your hike in day. If you don’t know the trip’s launch date from Lees Ferry, please get this information from your TL.


Today My Payment Is to be Applied to:* A) Initial deposit on main group invoice. - what  TL told you to pay, usually a round number; B) Additional payment on main group invoice - usually a round number; C) Final payment on main group invoice - get your balance to zero; D) Payment for personal gear/services on separate invoice - pay for personal gear (paco pad, chair, dry bag, helmet, kayak, etc.); retail purchases (guide books, etc.); personal vehicle shuttles.


NOTE: If you you select choice D, Ceiba must run payments toward personal invoices and group invoices as separate transactions. Don’t lump payments together if you also want to pay on main group invoice. You will need to return to this page to process your 2nd transaction toward group invoice separately.


I am making a payment for:* Usually it is just for yourself, but if you are paying for an additional person too, let us know their name so we can record it on main group  invoice. Likewise, if you’re just paying for someone else and not yourself, we need to know that as well.

First & Last Name of Other Person (if applicable): Anyone else that you are paying for beside yourself.



  • I have discussed with the Trip Leader/Organizer (TL) and confirmed the exact amount that I am supposed to pay today.

  • I take responsibility if I make a payment for the wrong amount.

  • I take responsibility if I provide incomplete or inaccurate information causing the payment to be applied to the wrong trip.

If you have any doubts you can always call in your payment to us at 928.527.0171

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