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Grand Canyon Raft Rentals Ceiba Adventures

14' Ceiba Oar Rig

A super fun boat!

Grand Canyon Raft Rentals Ceiba Adventures

Ceiba’s 14’ Self-Bailing rafts can be utilized as an extremely maneuverable oar boat, or as a fun and group participatory paddle boat. Ideal for Colorado, San Juan, or Salt River trips, these boats are very popular. Ceiba’s 14’ self-bailingNRS raft is the multi-tool of boating. This ultra tough 14’er is great as a row rig with 9.5 oars, and can be easily set up for any multi-day expedition.

14' Full Oar Rig Rental: Grand Canyon: $50.00 per day | Other rivers: $125.00 for 1st day; $50.00 for each additional day

Paddle Boat / Boat Only: Grand Canyon: $39.00 per day | Other rivers: $97.50 for 1st day; $39.00 for each additional day

Grand Canyon Raft Rentals Ceiba Adventures

The Full Row Rig comes with everything listed below, which includes 2-25 mm boxes. Additional food boxes are not included; please let us know if these will be needed.

14 foot full oar rig includes:

  • NRS E-140 Self-Bailing Raft

  • 4- 10’ oars with your choice of Wooden Smokers, Fiberglass Sawyers, or Aluminum Carlisles

  • Aluminum main frame with pre-rigged straps and drop bag

  • Aluminum floor

  • Rear mesh floor

  • Aluminum folding table

  • 2 boxes – 25 mm

  • Cooler and cover- 120qt

  • Three Oar locks & towers w/ “woody allen”

  • 4" Barrel Pump in a storage bag

  • Bail bucket

  • Bow and stern line

  • Rig bag with:

    • 15 x 1″ rigging straps (2' to 10' lengths)

    • Sand anchor and hammer

    • Throw bag

    • Drag bag

  • Throw cushion

  • Repair kit in a 50 cal box

* 20 mm ammo cans are available at additional cost.

Optional Items:


  • The front hatch can hold up to 4 x 20 mil cans.

  • Floor board with two 25mm boxes, with your foot well in the center.

  • Several different packing configurations are possible within the front hatch!

  • Folding aluminum table is strapped to the top of the front hatch while on the water.

Ceiba Oar Rigs

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