Our website exists because of all of you and your great photo and video contributions!

Ceiba sends out one mass email in the dead of winter each year. It is to invite all of you to submit your photos and videos from your adventures in Grand Canyon and elsewhere. And man, do you all ever deliver!!! The deluge of outstanding imagery we receive is awe inspiring! Thank you! Our staff so looks forward to experiencing your photos and videos from your trips. We can’t thank you enough for all your contributions!

For our home page lead-in, a special shout-out to Derek Moody (learn more here) for his awesome video footage and to Bill Powers (learn more here) for his original (wrote the tune while on a Ceiba trip in the Canyon!) musical composition "Big Water Ahead".

Video by Derek Moody; Music by Bill Powers
Video by Derek Moody, Music by Bill Powers

The viewers have voted!

Here are our 2021 winners

You all outdid yourselves this year, so we wanted to share all the other 2021 entries too!

Photo/Video Contest Winners and Contributors


Abby Hudson

Andrea Lubeck - Honorable Mention Photo

Andrew Villeneuve

Brenton Hofstetter

Cory Griffin

Crazy Karl

Don Lester

Erik Bernhoft - Honorable Mention Video

Jordan Kaczor

Josh Davis

Kim Williams

Langdon Ernest-Beck

Maryann Velasquez - Grand Prize Video

Matt Porebski - Grand Prize Photo

Matt Power

Michael Cahn - Honorable Mention Video

P.J. O'Malley

Peter Gutowsky

Peter Whelan

Phil Kirkman

Sam Averett

Sara Cochella

Scott McDaniel - Honorable Mention Photo

Tulasi Fowler


Anthony Mancuso

Briana Smith - Grand Prize Photo

Carol Hawkins

Christi Turner

Courtney Wilton

Clayton Van Nimwegen

Darius Nabors - Honorable Mention Photo

Derek Moody - Honorable Mention Video

Don Kellett

Griffin Morey

Iain Law

Jack Henderson

Kelly Greene - Grand Prize Video

Kevin O’Brien

Lucas Ayoub - Honorable Mention Video

Matthew Hood

Michelle Sorensen

Neal Handloser

Paul Friedman - Honorable Mention Photo

Rich Rudow

Russel Bailey

Wendy Bennett

COVID Lockdown Special

Jake Murie - First Place Photo

Jason Remshardt


Amanda Grant

Andrea Lubek

Andrew Drake - Photo Honorable Mention

Bego Gerhardt

Chelsea Griffin

Chris Becker

Dan Marshall - Photo Second Place

Emory Capps

Erik Bernhoft

Evan Parker - Photo First Place

Greg Steen

Jack Henderson - Photo First Place

Jane Derderian

Joseph Ray

Juliet Ramirez

Luke Flaherty

Nate Goss-Woliner - Photo Second Place

Olivia Darwin

Pascal Girard - Photo & Video First Place

Paul Porteous - Video Second Place

Peter Collins

Russell Agee - Photo First Place

Ryan Soderlund - Photo Second Place

Tania Ross - Video Honorable Mention

Walter Augustine


Alan Cammack

Bego Gerhardt - Photo Honorable Mention

Ben Saheb - Video First Place & Photo Honorable Mention

Bryan Codi

Caleb Norton - Photo Second Place

Carrie Hawthorne - Photo Second Place

Charles Ging

Chelsea Cormack

Christopher Walker

Dan Zahn

Darcy Carter

David Levine - Photo Second Place

Elisha McCarthur - Photo Honorable Mention

Fabiano Mognol

Heather Solee

Jack Simmons

Karin Strickland - Photo First Place

Jessica Cortright

Lucas Fellers

Lucy Hedley - Video Honorable Mention

Matt Kaplinski - Photo First Place

Mike Curiak

Mitchell Ryan

Neil Nikirk

Peter Rice

Randy Gayner - Photo First Place

Roxanne Adams - Video Second Place

Samantha Smith

Sarah Meunier

Scott Prins

Steven Toya

Taylor Bohannon

Tricia Chan

Tyson Peterson

Video Gallery

WATER | Grand Canyon

A film by Dan Ransom


Standing and Rowing in the Grand Canyon

Ben Saheb


In The Heart Of The Grand Canyon And Of A Family

Pascal Girard


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