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We get such a thrill hearing about your adventures in the Canyon and elsewhere. Keep 'em coming!

C. Sutton

December 2022

"We've all made it back and are still dreaming of the river. The real world is harsh! We had a blast and can't thank you enough for everything. The trip was great and y'all were a huge part of it!

Ceiba's customer service is incomparable! As a first time TL, planning for a trip like this was very overwhelming and Ceiba was there every step of the way. From constantly changing participants and altering of the schedule, Ceiba was helpful, kind and gracious the entire time. No one understands better the herding of cats that comes along with a Grand Canyon trip and with every change, they were always understanding. Their instant communication and customer service starting with almost 2 years before launch was the bomb, felt like I was in the right hands. Everything was top notch!"

N. Cantrick

November 2022

"I'm missing the Canyon dearly! Hope all is well in Flagstaff and thank you again for such wonderful service. I can't wait until my next trip with you all."

H. Arnold

November 2022

"Hi y'all, We are grateful for all the attention to detail and all the things for making our trip as smooth as possible. Y'all rock!"

S. Dunleavy

September 2022

"Thank you so much, I can’t tell you what a pleasure it was to work with you all and can’t wait to do it again. Just keep doing what you're doing - its awesome!"

C. Watson

July 2022

"We had a great experience renting again with Ceiba. Thanks for making it so easy!"

T. Kennedy

April 2022

"So much fun! Thank you for your excellent gear 💙🙌"

M. Baldwin

April 2022

"The boats and gear were everything we needed them to be. Thanks for making life- enhancing experiences happen!"

B. Clark

March 2022

"I’m so grateful for the river and to have been in your hands. This was my first big expedition and you made it a extremely positive experience for myself and my team. Can’t wait to reach out soon and recommend your hard work to the river community. Well done!!! Every one of you."

G. Anderson

August 2021

"I was on a trip last year outfitted by Ceiba, my first experience with you guys, and I was impressed with your facility, gear, and professionalism. Marilyn shuttled our gear and gave us the orientation. We were at Lee's earlier than I've ever been (10 prior trips), and on our own by that evening. It felt like an extra day on the river. Great service and great planning!

Your estimate for this trip was very thorough and clear with no apparent hidden items. That was very appreciated."

C. Reid

February 2022

"Everyone at Ceiba has been such an amazing help to us this whole trip. All your work has been very much appreciated by our group and particularly myself during my first time organizing. Food and gear was all fantastic."

K. Nichols

December 2021

"Thanks again for such a professional service!! This was my second time using Ceiba, and I will definately be coming back, and giving a great recommendation about your service!"

J. Stolz

September 2021

"Honestly, a very heartfelt thank you for helping us outfit and acheive such an amazing trip. If fate allows I will be back and would not look anywhere else besides Ceiba. Our thanks to all the people who worked so hard to get us on and off the water."

L. Tillinghast

September 2021

"I worked commercially running rivers in Utah, Arizona, and Idaho in the '80's before graduating college. I can say with lots of experience that Ceiba's equipment, food, and whole shabang package is nothing short of world class!! It is also always a pleasure doing business with and seeing Scott."

C. Lloyd

August 2021

"Marilyn was so amazing on rig day! Super efficient and thorough with all the gear and paperwork. All of the gear worked wonderfully, and there was so much thought put into the gear and the food! De-rig was also super efficient and they were super welcoming as we got off the river! Thank you so much for helping us have such an amazing experience."

T. Daigle

August 2021

"Your put-in consultant Marilyn was so amazing and informative. She’s such a baddie and really knows her shit."

N. Shikany

August 2021

"The Ceiba team was amazing in getting our trip put together. Everything went very smoothly and they were very helpful in answering all of our questions and concerns."