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We get such a thrill hearing about your adventures in the Canyon and elsewhere. Keep 'em coming!

B. Carisch

May 2024

"Thanks so much for all your help, Katie. I can't stress enough how much I like you, your co-workers and Ceiba. As a new TL and a GC virgin, Ceiba and you personally made our visit a 'trip of a lifetime'."

B. Kinslow

April 2024

“It was such a pleasure to work with your team and we had an amazing trip. We did our best to treat the gear well! I want to give Scott and Brock some love - our entire trip was impressed with how they handled rig day. Katie and Geoff were also so great on rig and de-rig day at the warehouse. I hope to see you all soon!”

D. Moffat Trip

March 2024

"Used Ceiba as our outfitter for a 21 day river rafting trip down the Grand. They were wonderful and extremely well priced. The meals were good if not great at times. They accommodate our gluten free and vegetarian needs excellently. The equipment was well organized and reliable. They are helpful in providing transport to and from the put in and you can leave your car for a $3 a day fee - which is much safer then leaving it at a put in spot. Also they gave us a bunch of free swag :)"

R. Pugh & S. Haggerty

March 2024

"I want to say, on behalf of our ENTIRE crew, you folks ROCK! Everything was well organized and thorough. The food was incredible. Excellent selections and quantities. Your staff were all AMAZING! Several of our group have been on multiple past trips and have used the services of some of the other outfitters available. ALL commented many times that Ceiba is by far the best!

It doesn't get much better than that.

From ALL of us, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! This was an incredible experience and journey, and much of that is because you guys took such GREAT care of us. I hope to have the opportunity to do business with you again."

M. Kendall

March 2024

"Ceiba made us feel like family and they were always one step ahead of any issue."

M. Kirkpatrick

February 2024

"If I take another trip on the Grand Canyon and need to be outfitted, you guys will be the first I will call. Your customer service is outstanding and I cannot recommend you enough to my fellow boaters."

W. Lindley

December 2023

"From the start, I knew Ceiba was a great outfitter. You all handle things well and in a professional manner, it's a great reflection of the entire business and employees therein."

D. Cutler-Kreutz

November 2023

"Thank you all so much for the boats and gear. It was such a fantastic and seamless experience renting from you all, I’ll absolutely recommend Ceiba to anyone I know looking to rent boats."

M. Stewart

November 2023

"A few people on our trip have been down the Grand at least 5 times each. During their previous trips they've had various interactions with outfitters, but have always been most pleased with CEIBA. I'm a rookie and I fully agree with their sentiment! I appreciate all of you and your team's support."

A. Schallau

September 2023

"Thanks again to you and the Ceiba Adventures team for everything you do. Everything from the drive up to Marble Canyon to the pickup at Diamond Creek and the ride back to Flagstaff was top-notch. Thank you for taking great care of us and our clients."

Hoffman - Pepitone

September 2023

“Entire Ceiba crew and gear were just great… if I was to tell anyone else, I would state to stop researching and get right to booking with Ceiba. Cant wait to go again.....I have some redemption rapids :)”

A. Pepitone

September 2023

"When I initially started my research to find an outfitter for my trip Ceiba had the best reviews and everything I was looking for. After chatting with several people who had used Ceiba for past trips, I knew I had made the right choice for my Grand Canyon expedition.

Top notch customer service from the pre-planning process to the rigging and de-rigging. Ceiba even accommodated our last minute participant add ons. I will 100% recommend Ceiba to anyone planning a Grand Canyon trip, and they will 100% be my go to the next time I get a permit!"

J. Witham

July 2023

"Thanks for Ceiba’s support on our GC trip – you provide an outstanding service – one that I will continue to recommend to all!"

J. Alexander

May 2023

"Hey guys at Ceiba and everyone involved in making our trip a success. Thank you very much. The menu, food, transport, instruction/training of equipment and organization was top notch. I would not have done this trip any other way. Thank you for the hats too. Have a great summer!"

V. Lopez

May 2023

"I would like to say thanks to everyone at Ceiba - you guys were super great to work with and we couldn't have made our dream dual snout trip happen without you. Ceiba has always been super generous in sharing river knowledge and I really appreciate it! Thanks again and I'm certain this will not be the last time we work with Ceiba!  You guys are the best!"

W. Sloan

May 2023

"Many thanks for everything. The service we received from you was first class from start to finish. If we are ever lucky enough to bag another permit we will definitely be back in touch.

Best wishes from sunny Scotland!"

C. White

May 2023

"Thank you so much! You guys have been awesome to work with and hopeful see you again on a future trip! I really can’t thank all of you enough for making this trip happen for all of us. Truly a trip of a lifetime :) "

G. Korb

April 2023

"Thanks to Ceiba for making this last-minute trip happen so easily!"

F. Perkins

April 2023

"We won a follow-up permit and only had 4-weeks to put everything together. Ceiba's staff did a fantastic job of working with me to get everything ready for our 25-day trip from Lee's Ferry to Pearce Ferry for 14-people. Communication was fast, clear and thorough. The food was excellent and there was plenty to keep everyone satisfied. All the equipment for the kitchen, groovers, and filtering water worked perfectly. I would definitely go through Ceiba again! Thank you for making this a perfect, once-in-a-lifetime trip down the Grand Canyon! No suggestions! Everything was perfect!! THANKS to everyone who worked to make our trip so wonderful!!"

B. Pringle

April 2023

“Blown away by the Ceiba experience! We did the "Whole Shabang" package and everything was well beyond expectation. Pre-trip communication was seamless, the shuttles and on river equipment were high quality, the rig day and takeout were buttery smooth, and the food pack was both generous and delicious! Felt like we were on a well outfitted commercial trip without guides. We'll be singing Ceiba praise from the rooftops, and we'll definitely be back when our next permit comes around!”

W. Massey

March 2023

"Thanks for everything. The outfitting was amazing and we had virtually no issues with anything. You guys make it incredibly easy at every stage of the process, which was much appreciated! "

Wolf / Haflich Trip

March 2023

"To the Ceiba Crew-

Thank you for your time, dedication, and passion for the river. We had an amazing time down in the Canyon and it would not have been possible without you. The food was A++ and your systems were organized and easy to follow. We enjoyed working with you!"

R. Rudow

January 2023

"Huge thanks for all you guys do at Ceiba so we can play for a month. We sure luv the service and the people :)"

C. Sutton

December 2022

"We've all made it back and are still dreaming of the river. The real world is harsh! We had a blast and can't thank you enough for everything. The trip was great and y'all were a huge part of it!

Ceiba's customer service is incomparable! As a first time TL, planning for a trip like this was very overwhelming and Ceiba was there every step of the way. From constantly changing participants and altering of the schedule, Ceiba was helpful, kind and gracious the entire time. No one understands better the herding of cats that comes along with a Grand Canyon trip and with every change, they were always understanding. Their instant communication and customer service starting with almost 2 years before launch was the bomb, felt like I was in the right hands. Everything was top notch!"

N. Cantrick

November 2022

"I'm missing the Canyon dearly! Hope all is well in Flagstaff and thank you again for such wonderful service. I can't wait until my next trip with you all."

H. Arnold

November 2022

"Hi y'all, We are grateful for all the attention to detail and all the things for making our trip as smooth as possible. Y'all rock!"

S. Dunleavy

September 2022

"Thank you so much, I can’t tell you what a pleasure it was to work with you all and can’t wait to do it again. Just keep doing what you're doing - its awesome!"

C. Watson

July 2022

"We had a great experience renting again with Ceiba. Thanks for making it so easy!"

M. Baldwin

April 2022

"The boats and gear were everything we needed them to be. Thanks for making life- enhancing experiences happen!"

T. Kennedy

April 2022

"So much fun! Thank you for your excellent gear 💙🙌"

G. Anderson

August 2021

"I was on a trip last year outfitted by Ceiba, my first experience with you guys, and I was impressed with your facility, gear, and professionalism. Marilyn shuttled our gear and gave us the orientation. We were at Lee's earlier than I've ever been (10 prior trips), and on our own by that evening. It felt like an extra day on the river. Great service and great planning!

Your estimate for this trip was very thorough and clear with no apparent hidden items. That was very appreciated."

B. Clark

March 2022

"I’m so grateful for the river and to have been in your hands. This was my first big expedition and you made it a extremely positive experience for myself and my team. Can’t wait to reach out soon and recommend your hard work to the river community. Well done!!! Every one of you."

C. Reid

February 2022

"Everyone at Ceiba has been such an amazing help to us this whole trip. All your work has been very much appreciated by our group and particularly myself during my first time organizing. Food and gear was all fantastic."

K. Nichols

December 2021

"Thanks again for such a professional service!! This was my second time using Ceiba, and I will definately be coming back, and giving a great recommendation about your service!"

L. Tillinghast

September 2021

"I worked commercially running rivers in Utah, Arizona, and Idaho in the '80's before graduating college. I can say with lots of experience that Ceiba's equipment, food, and whole shabang package is nothing short of world class!! It is also always a pleasure doing business with and seeing Scott."

J. Stolz

September 2021

"Honestly, a very heartfelt thank you for helping us outfit and acheive such an amazing trip. If fate allows I will be back and would not look anywhere else besides Ceiba. Our thanks to all the people who worked so hard to get us on and off the water."

T. Daigle

August 2021

"Your put-in consultant Marilyn was so amazing and informative. She’s such a baddie and really knows her shit."

C. Lloyd

August 2021

"Marilyn was so amazing on rig day! Super efficient and thorough with all the gear and paperwork. All of the gear worked wonderfully, and there was so much thought put into the gear and the food! De-rig was also super efficient and they were super welcoming as we got off the river! Thank you so much for helping us have such an amazing experience."

N. Shikany

August 2021

"The Ceiba team was amazing in getting our trip put together. Everything went very smoothly and they were very helpful in answering all of our questions and concerns."

D. Bohach

July 2021

"I am so glad we went with you! You guys made our trip so easy and we had so much more fun because we didn’t have to do all the hard work. Marilyn really was great at going over every single detail about the gear. She made the rig so easy! The food was absolutely amazing! Directions down to the last detail, we had so much good food we couldn’t eat it all. I can’t thank you all enough. You made our trip truly amazing!!!"

I. Miftode

June 2021

"Food was great and plenty and we still had ice left in the coolers at the end, so everything kept nice and cool. Thank you for putting everything together so neatly. It felt like you have done this before :-)"

G. Lightsey

May 2021

"Thanks again for everything you guys do! I am yet again super impressed with how Ceiba operates. You all truly make things incredibly easy and I appreciate it greatly!!"

J. Chin

May 2021

"I work as a guide and do a lot of planning for trips. I definitely appreciate how easy everything was because of the team at Ceiba."

D. Ruschke

April 2021

"Easy meal plans, boat map, and folder makes the first few confusing days much easier to figure out! Marilynn showed up with a crew that put all of our boats together and got us organized. We all have our own boats, but the whole shabang with boat rentals makes everything so easy we decided not to bring our own gear! It was a great decision."

N. Yvernault

April 2021

"We had a great trip! Ceiba did a fantastic job with the food pack. Dinner portions were spot on! We certainly did not go hungry. I thank you very much for putting it all together on such short notice. I like your systems... All in all, Ceiba styled our trip. I will be sure to call you again for my next trip and I will certainly be recommending Ceiba to all my friends. Thanks again for all your hard work."

A. Dhonau

April 2021

"I really appreciated all the pre trip communication that I had with all the office staff at Ceiba. Chelsea, Rachel, and anyone that ever answered a phone call would either answer my question, or make sure that I would receive a call back by someone that could provide an answer. The trip planner was extremely helpful in providing me with an outline of equipment and dates to follow as my trip launch came closer…

You guys were awesome. You took a lot of the challenges of planning this sort of expedition and made them yours. You put my mind at ease so that I could focus on my friends, the water, and the magic of the Grand Canyon."

P. Sommers

March 2021

"Thank you so much and thank you to the whole Ceiba team, especially also Marilyn and Rachel and the drivers, who supported our trip. The food was great and we still had ice left on the final night! I really appreciated all your work and would definitely recommend Ceiba to others in the future."

K. Stokes

March 2021

"Ceiba's invoicing system is very clear and detailed. My point of contact was readily available to answer all my questions and help me stay organized as a first time GC boater and trip leader."

Storms/MacKay - Cancellation due to COVID-19

March 2021

"...just wanting to reply to say thank you for understanding and to let you know that I received a email from 'gateway notify' indicating the deposit.

I am sure Ken expressed our disappointment in unable to conduct our trip. There were so many elements in this trip that it was going to make it a lifetime highlight. With persistence we will make it happen.

Knowing how easy it is to work with you I know who we will be booking with when it happens and will most certainly be recommending Ceiba."

J. Hardy

January 2021

"Thank you once again, you guys are wonderful and we will be recommending Ceiba to anyone and everyone and will be back to see you guys again!"

S. Wolfe

January 2021

"And thank you and Ceiba for being so easy and professional to work with. I'll definitely be using your services the next time I go down the big ditch!"

J. Yurcik

November 2020

"Our menu option was the 24 day Winter Time. Everything was scrumptious. I was so very pleasantly surprised. No one was ever hungry.

Our trip leader made a real smart choice going with Ceiba adventures. All y'all did us right and then some!"

C. Freeman

October 2020

"Overall our experience with Ceiba was great! I would definitely recommend Ceiba to other GC private boaters. The people at Ceiba made the planning and trip (especially Chelsea, Rachel and Marilyn) - so awesome to have so many badass women to work with!!!"

D. Mikalian

October 2020

"Ya'll were amazing to work with, and I will definitely keep ya'll in mind for my next trip! I know the entire crew felt that way as well."

B. Dodds

October 2020

"You guys (gals) have obviously done this a while. Totally professional, extremely thorough. Thanks for a lifetime memory!"

B. Williamson

September 2020

"Great trip! Plan to use y'all again in the future. Thanks for everything. Hopefully be back down there soon!"

Kaplinski Lees Ferry Upstream Trip

May 2020

"Dear Rachel, Scott and Ceiba,

Thanks so much for all the gear. We had the best time! We hope you’re enjoying the forced “slow down” and this beautiful spring weather.

All the best from the Kaplinskis"

F. Brown - Daily Kayak/SUP Rental

May 2020

"Rachel was so kind and accommodating from the first call to the very end. She not only came in early to get us the paddle boards, she equipped us with extra pumps, gave us straps for the car, and met us late to return them. I would highly recommend ceiba for any of your outdoor excursions!"

E. Bernhoft Trip

March 2020

"Thank You Guys Again for making our trip possible. You all are fantastic. Hopefully we will be back in the coming years.

P.S. Re-entry was near catastrophic . I’m still trying to decide whether I should have tried my luck against Pearce Ferry Rapid as opposed to COVID. What’s clear is that we should have requested more beer and food and just kept going."

Nemens-Stowell Trip

March 2020

"Dear Ceiba Employees,  

Thank you on behalf of all of the members of my trip for all your hard work getting us on the river. Thank you for the part you all played in making it happen. We are thinking of you in these difficult times."

I. London

March 2020

"I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to design a menu, dry boxes, and coolers, for 18 people, on a 21 day trip, without any access to restock. Despite the enormity of the challenge you guys really nailed it. The meals were delicious, diverse, and plentiful, not to mention quite affordable. I really loved the organization of the kitchen boxes and plan on doing something similar with my home camping setup. I loved the simplicity of yesterday’s dry goods box becoming today’s trash.

This was the trip of a lifetime, and your outfitting services really made it possible. We can’t wait for our next one."


March 2020

“Dear Rachel, Scott and the entire awesome crew at Ceiba. We met on the Grand in 2018; then co-led our own trip in 2020; and now, we are pleased to announce that we have exchanged vows! Thanks for being a part of our journey and helping us to have 2 EPIC Grand Canyon adventures! Much love, A & B”

Rich Rudow & Rick Demarest Trip

January 2020

"Back home & wanted to get a note out thanking all of you for everything you did to make this complex trip work.

Over the 10 years Rich & I have been doing the combination rafting & canyoneering trips Ceiba’s ability to accommodate all of the special requirements needed has been an integral part of the success we have enjoyed. I’m sure this last trip with the added backcountry days & a totally different way of packing the food was not an easy task on your part. It all worked perfectly though & made our trip all that more special. This was, without a doubt, the easiest trip we have even done in regards to the camp setup, kitchen & menu.

It’s been a pleasure working with all of you."

C. Montandon Trip

January 2020

"Thank you so much for all your help! The trip was perfect in so many ways, but so much of it had to do with Ceiba!"

J. Hoiland

January 2020

"I had an absolutely wonderful time and was so impressed with the food systems, organization, and packing! Thank you for an incredible experience, I so appreciate the obvious work and care you put into these trips!"

SCREE Expedition

January 2020

“Dear Ceiba, Thank you for your support and dedication to the Sesquicentennial Colorado River Exploring Expedition. Your willingness to travel far distances, fulfill special requests and adapt your services to fit the expedition are greatly appreciated. Your help made it possible for us to complete “our incredible journey” retracing John Wesley Powell and crew’s expedition. All along the way, we heard great praise for the food and organizational structure you provided.

We remain eternally grateful for your support and sponsorship. Thank you!”

SCREE Expedition Members – Chuck Minckley, Jessica Flock, Patrick Kikut, Ben Kraushaar

J. Barza

December 2019

"Ceiba was great at answering any and all questions that I had as a first time TL. They were also very flexible as I was adding and dropping people up until just a few weeks before the trip launched."

C. Dill

December 2019

“Our Grand Canyon Rafting Christmas was amazing.  We all learned a lot and benefitted from that trip in ways I’m certainly only a few people (Ceiba included, of course!) can appreciate.  I, for one, had no idea how my learnings from previous rafting trips would and would not translate to the Colorado through the Grand and to such an extended trip.  It is absolutely correct for me to tell you all that we (our crew) would not have come out the other side on speaking terms if it had not been for Ceiba’s boats, food stock, planning, and considerable experience.  Thank you so much for your expertise! 

Another aspect: I would never have been able to navigate the complexities of the trip without your patience.  I am eternally grateful for your patience to help us even when helping us was hard, and during various holidays.  Finally, I am grateful for your perseverance.  Certainly I did not communicate early and often, but you took up that slack, and with a pleasant disposition in the face of my failure to engage sufficiently.  You folks are a class act.  Thank you for being so dependable, experienced, and patient.  I, for one, will always recommend Ceiba for such adventures wholeheartedly.  Your team can’t be beat.”

D. Richardson

November 2019

"Thanks as always. Let Rachel and the team know that all of you did a great job on our outfitting. Since you guys are always so good, sometimes we take it for granted. Still… excellence is excellence and should always be bragged about!"

K. Chethik

October 2019

"Just wanted to thank you for the excellent food pack on our 21 day.

I worked as a professional boatman for more than 20 years, for a zillion different companies from Idaho, through Utah, CO & Grand Canyon and I appreciated your menu more than many commercial companies I worked for.

What absolutely made the difference was the combination of excellent ingredients; along with simplicity of prep & awesome cooler pack!"

M. McKeon

July 2019

"Because of Ceiba, we could focus on the big picture and trip planning and worry less about the details of packing. Ceiba is amazing! We ate well, we had everything we needed (and some things we didn’t know we needed but did!), and ultimately so friendly and helpful."

S. Brown

July 2019

"From the moment I initially called Ceiba, their customer service was top notch! The day of launch was incredible to watch. Marilyn was incredible; informative, educational, and motivational at the rig. I can’t recommend Ceiba enough. I was blown away at the time Ceiba spent with me over email and the phone to bring me up to speed."

C. Wales - One Boat Motor Trip

June 2019

"Everyone at Ceiba was 100 percent dedicated to making our Grand trip as awesome as possible. Thanks! There are an amazing cast of characters assembled at Ceiba, each person dedicated to making our river expericence as enjoyable as possible. The logistics could not have been better!"

B. Petersen

June 2019

"Ceiba is the only way to go. We own all of our own rafts and commercial outfitting gear but still decided to go with Ceiba and we wouldn’t do it any other way. Rachel was extremely helpful with the early planning and logistics. The food was amazing and they paid special attention to accommodating my wife’s wheat allergy(aka gluten free). Finally Marilynn’s instruction at Lee’s Ferry was very thorough and helpful. We were super impressed and can’t wait to get another permit."

T. Love-Chezem

May 2019

"Thank you guys so much for the awesome help in getting us out on the water and all the great follow up. Can’t wait to use you guys on our next adventure."

J. Dimmitt

April 2019

"We did have an awesome trip! Thank you guys so much for the hard work on everything. I thought the food pack was great, any chance you could forward us a copy of it for future reference? Thanks again for everything!"

J. Wilson

April 2019

"Thank you all so much! Everything worked out great. Your office staff was very professional and helpful. Marilyn did an extremely good job helping us set up and de-rig. Quick, efficient, positive, and intelligent. Couldn’t imagine a better experience. If we ever score another permit, we will be going with Ceiba again. We will absolutely recommend you to anyone else who is taking a private Grand Canyon trip."

D. Wilson

April 2019

"I can’t recommend them enough. The food was excellent ,staff was friendly,and the boats were dialed. I had two professional oarsmen (fishing guide friends) on my trip and they were super impressed with how well everything on the boats were set up."

B. Qualls

April 2019

"Amazing service from start to finish. I can not imagine trying to wrangle up the gear and food for 16 people for 21 days, and you guys made it look easy. Thanks"

N. Roman

April 2019

"You all were really professional and easy to work with. I almost felt scared because so little was asked for us on the preparation end. I look forward to using you all on the next trip… and the next one. And Marilyn was absolutely outstanding on the rig and derig."

J. Anderson

February 2019

"If I pull a permit in the future, Ceiba will be my first phone call."

Gerard Trip

December 2018

"This is my third trip with Ceiba in three different capacities, but each has been great. Your team really excels at communication on the front side and flexibility with logistics. This was my first trip being the permit holder and you were a great resource for the unknown/tricky elements. Thanks for three straight years of great outfitting and I’ll be using you for any future trips!"

J. Ryan

November 2018

"We had a fantastic trip. It was a good team with good leadership, which is a big component to a successful trip but I just wanted to say that all of you contributed immensely in helping to make it as successful and easy as it was. A big shout out to Scott and Geoff for your equipment talk at the put-in, you slipped in so many wise river tips that wouldn’t have had the same impact coming from me. Also for the take-out crew, Dave and Lisa, you were full of good energy and helped us be off the ramp in 45 minutes! Unbeatable crew and seamless execution, cheers! I look forward to the next trip with y’all. "

Keller Trip

October 2018

"We appreciate all the organizing, packing, planning, cleaning – it was all so on point and professional! The food menu was perfect! All of the boats and gear served us well. And mostly the solid support we felt from the Ceiba crew in planning this expedition. Everyone was always patient and kind to us and answered all our questions. All the drivers were so supportive & safe. Rachel – your patience with the menu was so appreciated! Mary & Chelsea – always kind and supportive. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

T. Bright

October 2018

"The best decision I made in this whole process (and there were no dissenters among our group) was contacting Ceiba for . . . everything that you did for us. I didn’t hear a cross word spoken by anyone in our tribe during the entire journey down the river. I would never have thought that was possible. Perhaps it was largely because Ceiba made everything so incredibly easy for us that we remained comfortable and happy through everything the river and the skies through at us. The boat maps, all the help rigging the boats, Marilyn’s detailed and cheerful instruction on how everything worked, the detailed menus, shopping and cooking instructions, such high quality foods (the steaks, the salmon . . . and on and on), the packing of the coolers, all the work at Diamond Creek, Chelsea’s and Geoff’s and Mary’s and your availability for advising me and answering my questions and making adjustments throughout the long planning period . . . there’s no end to it. Two thumbs way up for you and your company."

P. Townsley

October 2018

"The factors that most influenced my decision to use Ceiba were: Customer Service, Newest Equipment, Outfitter Experience. I will definitely repeat with Ceiba!"

S. Warner, Brunton Trip

September 2018

"I thought this morning that I would like to mail you all a thank you card. Marilyn was particularly spectacular to work with. From the moment she met us at the put in until the last wave at your shop on the 27th, she was the epitome of kindness, professionalism and bodacious boatwoman cool. Please pass on my complements to the crew. Your recipes and gear were exceptional too. I have used other companies that did a great job too but your stuff was healthier, more thoughtful and ultra organized. The chicken curry and fish tacos were group favorites but even your snack selection was top notch."

Sheri R. Nolen, Canyoneers

September 2018

"The Canyoneers Management & Staff would like to thank you and your staff for another great season. We greatly appreciate the super service you have provided throughout the summer and your dedication to quality service."

Alison Holland, Grand Canyon Youth

August 2018

"Dear Ceiba – all of you! Thank you so much for being a huge part of GCY. Without you we could not run the programs that we do. Thanks so much for making the 2018 season such a huge success! I’m looking forward to next season already!"

A. Carter

August 2018

"We would not have been able to do this trip without all of the support from the whole team at Ceiba. From our first tentative questions about renting equipment, to salad and dessert on our last night on the river, to our cars waiting for us in Peach Springs, everything was consistently better than we hoped for. They truly cared about doing everything they could to give us the trip of a lifetime, and they succeeded. Without hesitation, I would recommend them to anyone looking for any kind of support on a rafting trip through the Grand Canyon."

Howard Brandenburg, ASIR, Albuquerque, NM

Research trips from 2016 through 2018

"My family and I are shipping over to Australia for a new chapter in our lives. I just want you to know how much American Southwest Ichthyological Researchers (ASIR) appreciates working with you all. Speaking for myself, all my trips down the beautiful Grand Canyon were so smooth and successful in large part because of Ceiba. Your company/staff is so organized and knowledgeable and you are all wonderful people too. I have truly appreciated working with you."

P. McDermott

July 2018

"I’ve now done two private, non-commercial trips with Ceiba’s gear, foodpack, and shuttle service and I would never go with anyone else. They are incredibly professional, caring, and did everything in their power to ensure we had the best trip possible. Ceiba is awesome!"

J. Hazel

June 2018

"Thanks again for all the help and great customer service!  We had a great time and would absolutely use Ceiba again.  Such a great vibe around HQ."

J. Jensen

May 2018

"Chelsea, Rachel & Geoff, I want to thank Ceiba for getting our group and I to the river & back. I realize it is a group effort and the effort put forward by Ceiba is not one I plan on forgetting anytime soon. Fun it was… Above and beyond! Thank you all."

T. Wilson

April 2018

"Ceiba was great from the start. Very informative and quick to respond to any questions. 4 Boats were delivered and Marilyn was incredibly helpful in FULL assembly of the boats and very quick to accommodate. They were very responsive to any billing info. I would use Ceiba again, hopefully soon."

V.S. Lane

April 2018

"Holy crap this is e-x-c-i-t-i-n-g!!! Note: Ceiba was not only our outfitter back in 2012 for my first time in, but each and every person I have asked (from a wide and varied circle) has said hands down you folks are the very best to work with and offer the best overall quality! Thanks for your consistent care for us river nuts!"

A. Duane

April 2018

"Rachel, Chelsea, Scotty, JP, thank you so much for the work that you put in to support our adventure down the canyon. Scotty, your delivery of loads of information on rig day was concise, clear and relaxed. We are all going to spread the good word about what Ceiba is doing down here on the Grand. Take care!"

D. Lowry

April 2018

"Chelsea, it was a wonderful trip! It’s been a pleasure working with you. Thanks. Until next time, Cheers, Dave"

Willits Group

March 2018

"We can’t say enough good things about Ceiba. Everything from the first call to your last, to the menu planning, to the ease of rig-in at Lees, to the quality of your boats and frames, to the thought of your systems, to the food itself, your recipes, the plastic coated cards in the kitchen box, the menus in the daily boxes… the ease and organization at the take-out… everything was awesome… we had a super trip, all thanks to you.  Muy Muchas Gracias!"

Willits-Kangas-Hibbard “Grand Canyon Palooza” crew

March 2018

"Ceiba, THANK YOU for your excellent service. We had the trip of a lifetime, thanks in part to your excellent gear, staff, food pack, etc. (also: weather). We hope to work with you (and refer you unequivocally) for years to come!"

T. Lester

October 2017

"Overall amazing experience and will highly recommend Ceiba to anyone I know with a canyon trip!"

D. & T. Lester

October 2017

"Everyone at Ceiba – Our group just wanted to say thank you for everything! Ladies in the office, you are awesome. Than you for making planning & logistics so easy. Scott, everyone really appreciated your knowledge and help on Rig day. Thanks for making it so smooth. And thanks to our shuttle drivers Tyler & Brad! Cheers –"

Maffett Group

October 2017

"A big thanks for the support from you guys in getting our trip together – the whole experience with Ceiba has been professional, helpful, accommodating and patient. Rest assured you have 15 paddlers singing your praises and eager to recommend your services to any folk that may be considering or planning a trip down the Colorado River. We hope you guys have a great winter and fantastic rafting season ahead!"

Ben Saheb

September 2017

"Loved my trip with Ceiba. Everything was top notch. The Ceiba crew was so dialed. Can’t wait to come back!"

N. Wiaderny

August 2017

"You guys made my life so easy. I couldn’t imagine having to do this all by myself. Ceiba is god!"

D. Clark-Barol

August 2017

"Thanks for everything! It was an amazing trip and that is in large part thanks to your alls attention to detail. Will absolutely use you all for our next trip."

Alison, Grand Canyon Youth

Summer 2017

"To the fabulous Ceiba crew, Thanks for your professional driving, great scheduling, and the amazing attitude of all your drivers."

D. Haines

June 2017

"I am finally rehydrated and truly enjoying my memories of the trip. I’ve travelled many places, even floated the CO River through the Canyon before — this trip just turned out perfect. Old friends, new friends, great food and great camaraderie. You guys are great. We really had a fantastic trip, and the Ceiba prep made it all happen smoothly. Oops, I’m gushing. AWESOME CEIBA!"

K. Weiss

May 2017

"Ceiba did a great job. All 16 of us would use Ceiba again, and would recommend Ceiba to our friends."

R. Loerzel

April 2017

"Great customer service and very thorough planning. Chelsea was very helpful and friendly. Ceiba addressed every request we had."

J. Dryer

February 2017

"We were pleased with the service provided by Ceiba, and we were also impressed that they were able to take a random group of 16 people and have the perfect amount of food available every day for 23 days. I would recommend Ceiba to others."


January 2017

"Thank you, thank you, thank you. From being flexible about combining trips to being understanding of payments to accommodating food, your customer service is top notch."

S. Campbell

December 2016

"I wanted to send a note of thanks for your incredible services on a recent trip. I was blown away at your preparedness and attention to detail. I am also incredibly appreciative of your attention to my dietary restrictions. You can be sure that if I have the privilege of rafting the Canyon again, I will absolutely use your services again (and encourage anyone else to)."

Tricia Chan

December 2016

"Thanks to Ceiba for being THE BEST company to outfit on the Grand Canyon. This was our second trip with Ceiba and we couldn’t be happier. We are sure to recommend you to everyone we know headed that way… thanks again for helping us create a fantastic Canyon experience."

M. Stewart

October 2016

"Ceiba Team! Thank you so much for helping us plan and execute a safe and successful run through the Grand Canyon on the Colorado. You guys/ladies were spectacular in every way, from trip planning to execution. Thank you so much!"

M. Stewart

October 2016

"Ceiba’s Office staff were rock stars from the beginning. It’s almost like you’ve done this about a million times…you’ve set a high bar!"

J. Harris

October 2016

"I can’t tell you enough how impressed we were with your company. Everything was great and I will tell everyone that I know in the paddling community that Ceiba is the company to use."

L. Brown

October 2016

"Hi Ceiba!!! First of all THANK YOU for an amazing trip! I was beyond impressed with your organization, customer service and overall ‘dialed’ nature of your operations! We all had an amazing experience and there was not a day that went by that we did not comment on how awesome you all are!"

J. Hazel

September 2016

"We had a great trip with the fun little boat. All the gear worked fine. No issues and it was also a real simple pick-up and drop off! You guys are running a top notch operation there. Thanks for all the help!"

P. Beck

September 2016

"Scott, I just wanted to thank you and Rachel and all your staff for the expert and professional services we received from Ceiba allowing our group of fourteen to experience a twelve day Whole Shabang Grand Canyon motor trip. We could not have asked for more. Your experience and attention to detail helped make our trip truly a ‘trip of a lifetime’, even for me with over sixty Grand Canyon trips."

J. Michaels

August 2016

"You guys are awesome and made the whole trip hassle-free from planning through on the river through post-trip! You will definitely get our business and recommendation! We loved Ceiba!"

M. Nelson

August 2016

"Love how organized and dialed in everything is. Everything has been thought through well! Things are easy to find, and you guys even think of the extra things like spices, condiments, the extra little things blew me away!"

Canyon Fields School (NPS)

Summer 2016

"We want to thank you all so much for all the preparation and hard work you put in for our staff and camp participants this year. We could not have done it without you all, truly, we are so appreciative to have worked with such an outstanding river company."

A. Harris

July 2016

"We love you guys and can’t believe how easy you made everything. It really is amazing how well organized you are, I can’t stop saying enough. Thank You!!!!!!"

A. David

July 2016

"Our takeout went Great. Sarah and Sparky were waiting for us when we arrived and had helpful tips for landing in the crowded takeout. Thanks so much for helping make our trip happen!"

Grand Canyon Youth

Summer 2016

"Dear Ceiba, Your whole operation is so cheerful, so passionate and always so helpful. Thanks for your passion and time and thanks for making our 2016 season a huge success!!!"

G Nolte

June 2016

"Dear EVERYONE at Ceiba! Thank you so much for everything you did & provided for us!! We had such an incredible river trip & you all made it so easy from the very start!"

G. Kakatsakis

June 2016

"Best customer service I have seen in ages."

A. Haass

June 2016

"I received many compliments about the “trip leader” pre-trip planning packet that Ceiba presented and its level of organization."

C. Towles

May 2016

"I gave you guys high recommendations for your food especially. I was really impressed with the quality last trip, as was another friend who recently went down on a Ceiba outfitted trip. Glad we are able to come back for another round!"

S. Osborn

May 2016

"Speaking of GREAT, thanks to you and all the folks at Ceiba for great service! We had a wonderful trip, due in large part to all the work you did for us. Thanks very much!"

K. Jacob

May 2016

"I would most definitely use Ceiba for any trip! The trip organization and help offered by the friendly staff is top notch. I feel confident that the folks at Ceiba will do anything in their power to make every trip the best trip ever. I have nothing but positive things to say about the whole experience with Ceiba and will sing their praises every opportunity I get."

D. Brogan

March 2016

"All-in-all we were stoked to have outfitted through Ceiba, and will definitely use you guys on our next GC trip!"

Chad Anderson

February 2016

"I was really pleased with the whole experience. I want to thank all of the staff that made the trip possible without a hitch. Your staff made it easy to plan this size trip with ease."


February 2016

"Ceiba was on top of all communications – Very Pro-active, Ceiba is Great!"


January 2016

"We all had a great experience with Ceiba. I would recommend you to others and use your services if/when I take another trip on the river. I was particularly impressed by how well all of our food needs were accomodated. It was very helpful to be reminded of people’s allergies/needs in each day’s menu. And the gluten free baking mixes and cookies were all superb. Quite possibly better than conventional. Thank you for such a great trip and for always being so quick to help us with any questions."

E. Davis

January 2016

"I Thoroughly enjoyed the interaction and the ease with which it all gets accomplished. I hope to be working with Ceiba again next winter."

D. Lentz Chief of Concessions Management

December 2015

"The Concessions Management Staff at Grand Canyon National Park would like to thank you for your professionalism and customer service. We appreciate that this is not an isolated event, with your client T. Joyce. Ceiba Adventures is an important asset to many visiting the Park."

P. Girard

November 2015

"We had an amazing time and I highly recommend Ceiba."

K. Bosco

November 2015

"Scott, Rachel and the entire staff of Ceiba Adventures, I would like to extend a sincere THANK YOU! You have a wonderful business and staff that I can see both of your hands and energy in the making of!"

J. Rohwer

October 2015

"I just wanted to say thanks to Ceiba for such a pleasant and professional experience all the way around. You folks are good at what you do!"

T. Joyce

October 2015

"It was a pleasure doing business with Ceiba, you and all of your staff. We had a great time and everything you supplied was beyond what was expected. I will recommend Ceiba to anyone thinking of rafting the river."

S. Judkins

September 2015

"Our trip was amazing. The rafts were perfect – everyone made little lists of changes they want to make to their own rafts once we get home based on cool stuff on yours. The food was excellent and SUCH a huge treat to not have to provision our own trip. Thanks for all your attention to detail and perfect menus."

G. Rupe

August 2015

"Wanted to let all your crew know you guys are top notch with great equipment and go the extra mile to take care of your customers.  I was expecting to lose some weight on the trip but with your fantastic menus and great food I actually gained a little.  Thanks for the great work and looking forward to doing business with Ceiba again!"

M. Gillam

March 2015

"Dear Ceiba, Thanks to everyone who contributed to the success of the Gillam/Rowher trip. All of us will forever have fond memories of all of you – your warmth, responsiveness, great equipment, great food and amazing care for our group. We couldn’t have been more pleased and we’ll recommend you highly. Thanks again and best to all!"

La Fevers

March 2015

"At our take out, Reed was waiting for us when we arrived, ready to go! He was great at directing and simplifying our de-rig. He’s awesome!!! So nice, funny, helpful, patient and knowledgeable. He was a serious entity, an incredible dude and funny to boot! Ceiba really does have an all-star crew, from the first moment to the last!"

S. Schaefer

March 2015

"The trip was fantastic, everyone had a great time. The crew wanted me to tell everyone at Ceiba thanks for all your help. The gear was in great shape and everything worked out great. We will tell anyone we know headed your way about Ceiba and hopefully we will be in touch again for our next trip."

R. Ellis

February 2015

"Erin basically held my hand the whole way. The structure of how food and equipment was organized was so helpful. I felt like that was a huge aspect of what I was grateful for and paying for, was just the structure of how to keep everything organized."

K. Hipsher

January 2015

"Hi Ceiba Crew, We had an awesome trip and felt so fortunate to be in the great hands of Ceiba. The shuttles were flawless, the gear top notch. Thanks for taking such good care of us! Many, many thanks and hope you have some fun canyon moments ahead of you! Cheers"

B. McKim

December 2014

"Everyone was totally psyched, and it has been terrible settling back to daily life! Thanks again for all that you guys did to make our trip a huge success. The customer service, the food and the gear provided were all great! Everyone on the trip was super impressed by the job you guys did."

B. Codi

November 2014

"Ya’ll are fantastic. I can’t say enough great things about you, thank you Erin, Scott and everybody else. I can’t wait to see you all again next fall!"

J. Chow

October 2014

"You all are just awesome. Without your outstanding service and help, our trip would not have been so successful. Thank you again and we look forward to coming back to the Canyon Country and good people like you."

N. Ross

October 2014 (Original trip in 2013 cancelled due to government shut-down)

"I can’t thank you, Scott, Rachel, and the rest of the team enough for doing such a fantastic job setting us up for success. All of us, and especially our oarsmen and women, were supremely impressed with the rigs, food and service."

K. Lesch

September 2014

"Great job!  Ceiba is a trip leader’s dream!  Everything from the planning, to being on the river, to the take-out was seamless.  Our group was able to have a stress-free experience, making this the trip of a lifetime!  Thanks again to everyone at Ceiba for all your help.  I can’t wait to use you again in the future!"

K. Fischer

September 2014

"I just got off the river about two weeks ago with the McLoud group, and I just wanted to say that we had an amazing trip! The success of the trip was largely due to you guys. Thank you so much! Sparky, Lee, you guys were all great! You were all so helpful and friendly. I really appreciated that you were patient with our excitement and seemed genuinely excited for us! We couldn’t have had such a successful trip without you guys! The food, gear, and groovers all worked out just as we needed them to. This is my second trip on the Grand and both times we have gone through Ceiba. I can’t wait for my next trip down there, and if/when that happens I will definitely be going with you guys! Thanks again. Until next time, cheers!"

S. Hakanson

September 2014

"Erin was the face of Ceiba, part psychologist, logistics coordinator, equipment specialist, naturalist & calmer downer! Exactly what we need to do our first trip. There is no part of the Ceiba experience I would not recommend. You can’t go wrong with this company. When you aren’t worrying about gear, food, financials, logistics, you can spend your time focusing on the Canyon, the walls, the water, the stars. That’s called a great adventure! My most sincere thanks!"

I. Lochhead

August 2014

"Many thanks to you and all the team at Ceiba for helping to make our trip such a great experience.  Please especially pass on my appreciation to Sparky and Reed, and Rachel for her assist with our food packing.  It was good to get to know you all a wee bit.  You are a friendly bunch and a good team."


July 2014

"The trip was GRAND in every sense of the word! Found our experience with Ceiba to be extremely satisfying… Reed, Rob and Sarah were all extremely helpful and knowledgeable and I loved the insight each of them had regarding the river and the canyon. Thank you for everything…your guidance and gear were a godsend!"

R. Edwards

July 2014

"We were very pleased with Ceiba and have already recommended to others. I would use again. The whole experience was more like dealing with friends than a business. In the Marines we say “Amateurs talk tactics. Professionals talk logistics.” Ceiba is definitely professional."

E. Davis

June 2014

"Rig day logistics came together great! Everyone was helpful and that fifty foot trailer for rigging was outstanding. Just not having to move stuff that far as well as being able to tie the boats off on three sides was an enormous help."

Cy & KC Hershey

June 2014

"Thanks again Scotty, Rachel, Lynn & Erin! You all are the best in the business!"

BJ Hansen

May 2014

"I can’t thank you enough for the great work and the awesome crew at Ceiba that makes it so easy for us to enjoy the river. You do great things with great people… we love working with you and greatly appreciate everything Ceiba did for us."


May 2014

"To Ceiba, Big thanks to all for setting us up for an amazingly unmatchable trip. Your organizational level was beyond belief. Thanks so much & we would recommend you highly and would travel with you again."

C. Hastings

April 2014

"My experience with Ceiba from start to finish was fantastic. Everyone on staff was friendly, helpful, and responsive. You made this process as easy as humanly possible for us as a group. I'm grateful and I was very impressed. I would gladly recommend you to anyone I know. Thanks for everything."

C. Jaquet

April 2014

"I highly recommend Ceiba to anyone doing a private trip in the Grand Canyon. You answered any and all questions I had and were there for moral support as well. From gear (both group and personal) to shuttles, to food preferences, birthday parties on the river and beta on where to layover. You went above and beyond with helping get broken trailers repaired while we were on the trip and helping to cancel shuttle plans that were not needed when we couldn't get to a phone. Flexibility and understanding are two desirable traits and the staff at Ceiba has lots of both! Ceiba's attention to detail was unrelenting and friendly. You make it easy to TL the Grand!"

N. Brooke

March 2014

"Hey Erin, Please convey our sincere thanks to the entire Ceiba team for making our 18 day Grand Canyon Colorado River trip an incredible experience. You and your associates performed flawlessly in all phases of planning, equipment changes, and execution. This was not an easy task given the "moving target" we presented you with though out the planning process. Your calm demeanor and willingness to work with us in the later stages did not go unnoticed and was very much appreciated."

G. Comeau

March 2014

"What a great trip. Food was way too good – much better than at home. I just kept eating. Thank you all at Ceiba for making such a terrific experience possible."

M. Saling

March 2014

"To all the fine folks at Ceiba Adventures - Just wanted to say how impressed our entire group was with 'The Whole Shabang'. Thank you to all who helped to make this a kick-ass trip. Y'all made it so easy for us!"

J. Ferree

February 2014

"I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for outfitting our grand canyon float. The food was completely awesome. I ate better on the trip than I do at home. 30 days is a long time to be on the river, but with your support I enjoyed every minute of it! Thanks again. You guys got it dialed!"

S. Slay

November 2013

"Everything from the initial contact through the post trip logistics was fantastic. Everyone at Ceiba made our trip less stressful, and enjoyable! Thanks Rachel & Erin for all your hard work and making things easy! We will definitely use Ceiba next time & recommend to our friends!"

W. Carter

October 2013

"Your office staff was very warm, with a welcoming personality, from the pleasant first phone call. I could tell Ceiba would be understanding and very accommodating."

L. Maggert

October 2013

"I want to thank you again for being super awesome with our Grand trip. The entire Ceiba crew showed an excellence and professionalism that easily exceeded my expectations. Your kindness and dedication to work with us to make the best out of a bad situation with the government shutdown was amazing. We truly appreciate your willingness to offer us a refund and credit. I hope this good karma will find its way back to you tenfold."

D. Lihou

October 2013

"Thanks again for the epic trip. You guys/gals are the best. Stokemeter still running high."

M. Anderson

July 2013

"Thanks so much for all your work and effort taking care of our trip! It was a great time! Reed was awesome too! Your staff and crew did a great job packing the day boxes and gear. We could definitely tell that Ceiba's experience showed through in organization and professionalism of the staff. Thanks a lot!"

Tom Myers & the Yampaneers

May 2013

"To Rachel, Erin, Scotty and the whole Ceiba staff, muchas gracias!! You guys were fantastic. What a terrific job you did outfitting our Yampa trip. We had a wonderful trip and sang your praises the whole way -- Well at least at meal time. Your professionalism & customer service are the best in the business! Long may you run!"

K. McLaughlin

May 2013

"We had a great time! Thank you for all the hard work on our trip!"

E. Morgan

April 2013

"All around, Ceiba runs a wonderful company, great customer service, organization & top-notch functional gear. I will use you in many more trips to come!!"

T. Lamb

April 2013

"Wow, thanks to all of you at Ceiba for your work and making my trip easier. Your dedication to working with your clients and paying attention to river trip detail shows and is very much appreciated. Ceiba will be the only outfitter I will recommend to anyone who asks. Thanks again."

Joe Keys

April 2013

"To the Ceiba crew, I would like to let you know what a great job you all did; I am sure you hear it all the time. Our trip pack was out of sight and, best of all, user friendly. You all exceeded expectations in every way. Thank you!"

R. (Fish) Cole

February 2013

"Dear Ceiba, Thanks for being so flexible, that's why we keep coming back to Ceiba. We're simply not organized enough to have it any other way."


December 2012

"Dearest Ceiba/Rachel & Scott - Amazing! Phenomenal service, gear, food, support and guidance! Thank you both for leading such a strong and well rooted company. We greatly enjoyed working with you and we look forward to working with you in the future."

P. Hooker

November 2012

"You are awesome! I recently finished three weeks in the Grand Canyon, and the food - which you provided - was unquestionably one of the trip's highlights."

K. Todd

October 2012

"We had a great trip. You guys made it happen that way. You took all the stress out of putting on a river trip. From the first to the last call, you have been a pleasure to work with. Thank you so much!"

J. & K. Todd

October 2012

"I never got to thank you guys for such an awesome job you guys did for our trip. You are how every company should be. So helpful and genuine. I now recommend you to anyone I know thinking of doing the Grand."

J. Dye

October 2012

"Thanks So Much! It was great to have so much input from Scott at the put-in. Each company's raft set up is unique and we all appreciated how much time Scott spent with us setting things up. The level of behind the scenes organization that went on in the weeks prior to our trip also made getting on the river that much easier. We of course did not see any of that but it was very evident how well things were put together. Several of our group had been guiding on other rivers for 20 years or more and I heard nothing but positive comments about the gear."

P. & T. Littlejohn

October 2012

"Kudos to Ceiba. A pleasure dealing with you from start to finish. We loved the quality & quantity of the food provided & the equipment too!"

C. Chandler

September 2012

"I had an unbelievable experience while on this trip. The food was most excellent and the gear withstood all our demands. Not to mention the drive from Flag and setup/put-in with Scott showing us the ropes. Thank you for everything."

J. Hiebert

August 2012

"Thank you SO much for the incredible service and outfitting for our trip! We had an amazing time. Thank you to Rachel, Sandy, Scott and all the superb staff at Ceiba!"


August 2012

"Thank you for making our Whole Shabang! painless. The patience of your shuttle drivers is amazing!"

J. Weinmeister

August 2012

"Scott & Rachel, Thanks again for setting us up. It's always a pleasure to see you both; and the peace of mind & ease in which you outfit the various circus shows & carnivals I participate in makes the trips down-Canyon even more enjoyable. Wishing you both health & happiness as we all travel downstream."

J. Cederquist

July 2012

"Each member of our group (13) was impressed with Ceiba's rental/food service, and each will vigorously recommend your company at every opportunity. Food & snacks were exceptional, as were food/menu organization systems. Thanks a lot!"

S. Valentine

July 2012

"We had a great trip and everyone at Ceiba put on a great show. Kudos to the staff for such wonderful food, equipment, and help along the way. Thanks again for putting together such a great trip!"

The Spaan Family & Yeah Yeah Tribe

June 2012

"Dear Scott and Rachel and all of Ceiba. Thank you for enabling us to have such a well equipped and safe float down the Canyon!"

J. Arbetter/J. Birch

June 2012

"Obviously, we love what you all provide- this was our 3rd Ceiba/Canyon trip and we can't wait for the next one!"

D. Stephens

May 2012

"Sandy Rachel Scott Ann-Marie Chris / ALL Guilty Participants- Wow- great job packing the trip - excellent! We are already delivering the message to others, that Ceiba is the way to go w/ GC needs... Burgers at Lower Blacktail Beach on Memorial Day - coincidence? I think not! Thank you thank you thank you!"

S. West

April 2012

"Thank you so much for all your help with my addiction to rafting through the Grand Canyon. The cocktail ice was cold, the resupply couldn't have been smoother, the office support stands at the top of my experience with outfitter companies, and your drivers are pretty much awesome. You guys are the best!"

I. Cranston

April 2012

"Great job! Seriously. Chris & Tyler at the top were magnificent. Great to see Scott on the river and at the takeout. My compliments. Can't wait to come back."


April 2012

"Hi Ceiba!! Thank you so much for facilitating the most fabulous of trips down the Grand Canyon. Everything was dialed and everyone was really, really helpful! Thanks again!"

P. Morgan

February 2012

"I am uber, uber impressed with you guys! From the beginning I knew Ceiba was going to be awesome and you all did an outstanding job all around, food, raft set-ups, shuttles, helping rig and de-rig etc. The list is super long!"

J. Mogler

January 2012

"Ceiba was on top of everything allowing me to feel more confident as 1st time TL. Excellent on river experience. Ceiba gets my business again!"

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