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Grand Canyon River Trip Shuttle & Transportation Services Ceiba Adventures

Transportation & Personal Vehicle Shuttles


Ceiba’s extensive and well maintained fleet of commercial trucks, trailers, and 14 passenger vans are purposely designed for the private river runner to get to and from the river economically and safely. Our drivers bring years and decades of experience and safety to each destination.

Whatever your needs, we have you covered!

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There are endless shuttle variations to any trip, and Ceiba continuously strives to find the best shuttle choice for you and your group. Our transportation services are used by a wide range of entities as well. We work closely with Grand Canyon Youth, USGS, Grand Canyon National Park, several commercial outfitters, non-profits, outdoor schools, science contractors, film projects, remote catering and special events.


Be sure to contact us for the most practical and economical shuttle options for your group. We’ll be happy to make it happen.


Flagstaff to Lees Ferry

$775 van / $775 truck & trailer - $950 for motor rig


Diamond Creek to Flagstaff*

$900* van / $900* truck & trailer - $990* for motor rig

Pearce Ferry to Flagstaff

$900 van / $930 truck & trailer - $1,050 for motor rig

*The Hualapai Tribe charges a Diamond Creek Road usage fee per passenger, per vehicle, and per driver. This fee is in addition to above Diamond Creek shuttle prices.

In addition, Ceiba can transport your dory trailer behind one of our vans for an additional $150 on each end of your trip.

Please keep in mind that if you feel the service is good, it is not uncommon to tip our shuttle drivers. They are licensed commercial drivers that have years of experience, and are very knowledgeable, fun, easy-going people. Your gratitude is appreciated.


If your group is interested in utilizing your own vehicles for your pre- or post-trip logistics, Ceiba can shuttle them for you. Note that if you need a vehicle shuttled all the way from Lees Ferry to either Diamond Creek or Pearce Ferry, we do that in two legs with Flagstaff in the middle. Please contact us for details, prices, and arrangements.
NOTE: Prices below do not include tax and parking fees.

PV Shuttles


Lees Ferry to Flagstaff (129 miles / 2.5 hours)

$225 / $250 (w/ trailer)

Lees Ferry to South Rim (134 miles / 2.5 hours) 

$290 / $310 (w/ trailer)

Lees Ferry to Peach Springs (244 miles / 4.5 hours) 

$425 / $475 (w/ trailer)

Lees Ferry to Diamond Creek* (264 miles / 5.5 hours) 

$475* / $525* (w/ trailer)

Lees Ferry to Pearce Ferry (344 miles / 6.5 hours) 

$475 / $525 (w/ trailer)

South Rim to Flagstaff (82 miles / 1.5 hours)

$210 / $225 (w/ trailer)

Flagstaff to Peach Springs (115 miles / 1.75 hours)

$200 / $225 (w/ trailer)

Flagstaff to Diamond Creek* (135 miles / 2.75 hours)

$250* / $275* (w/ trailer)

Flagstaff to Pearce Ferry (215 miles / 3.75 hours)

$250 / $275 (w/ trailer)

*The Hualapai Tribe charges a Diamond Creek Road usage fee per passenger, per vehicle, and per driver. This fee is in addition to above Diamond Creek shuttle prices.

The Ceiba headquarters is encompassed in a secure, fenced yard with lots of room for parking your personal vehicles. We charge $3/day per vehicle or $5.00/day per vehicle w/ trailer. We offer a discount  on parking if you pay with cash! Please contact us for further details.


$3.00 per day


$5.00 PER DAY

Reserve a shuttle:



If you are not already associated with a trip that Ceiba is outfitting, please call us before filling out this form.


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Planning a wedding? Hosting a sporting event? Ceiba does non-river related shuttles for special events. All of our vehicles are equipped to travel on unpaved roadways to remote locations. Call us at 928.527.0171 to plan now, or fill out an estimate request.

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