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CEIBA is home to the Whole Shabang!

The Whole Shabang is a completely outfitted, entirely customizable package with everything your group needs: one to eight boats, equipment, food and shuttles. Our office will work closely with your group to develop a Whole Shabang that fulfills your ideal boating trip. There will be no hidden costs - damage deposit and Hualapai fees (if applicable) are included up front. Our expert staff will then prepare all the boats and equipment; work closely with you on your menu planning; shop your food and pack the coolers; and provide round trip shuttles to and from Flagstaff – all with a smile!

You can’t go wrong with the Whole Shabang Package from Ceiba!

Equipment and services provided:

Equipment Rental

  • Ceiba’s fully rigged 18′16′, or 14′ self-bailing boats containing all imaginable and necessary equipment

  • Full kitchen, including everything needed to prepare food, enjoy it, and clean up afterwards

  • Complete toilet system, including dump and clean service after your trip

  • All equipment required under NPS non-commercial river trip regulations, including handwash systems and First Aid Kits

Food Service

  • A detailed and highly organized relationship with the permit holder or trip coordinator while developing the daily menu plan. Customized menus are always an option.

  • All food shopping and packing (in chronological order by day)

  • Food and Menus

  • Dietary restrictions are easily accommodated

Shuttle Service

  • Roundtrip from Flagstaff for your put-in and take-out, up to 16 people

  • Other locations can easily be arranged

  • Ceiba consultant at your rig and de-rig

  • Transportation and Shuttles

Recycling & Trash

  • Ceiba will gladly recycle your trip’s plastic bottles (#1 PETE and #2 HDPE), paper products, aluminum, steel, glass, and batteries for free. Your trip packet contains information and instructions on how to deal with all recyclable materials throughout your trip.

  • In 2020 we added a composting option to all our river trips. It’s a great thing to do and it saves room in your daily trash. All the compost goes to local Flagstaff community gardens. Please call us if you’d like to discuss details.

  • Check out our Sustainability page for details about Ceiba’s commitment to protecting the environment and supporting our community!

Also included in the Whole Shabang

  • One inflatable kayak w/helmet & paddle, 50 cal ammo can per person, kitchen Parawing tarp, drag and throw bag per boat, all needed lifejackets including 2 spares, 80 ft rope, can smasher, and camp fun in the form of horseshoes and bocce ball!

  • Not included: Personal gear, NPS fees, Hualapai exit fees, satellite phone minutes.

  • Or – extend your trip and check out the lower end of the Canyon! If you go past Diamond Creek to Pearce Ferry Ramp, Ceiba can provide you with the 15 HP motor, transom, gas, tanks, and lights needed to get there.

Grand Canyon Raft Rentals Ceiba Adventures

"We would not have been able to do this trip without all of the support from the whole team at Ceiba. From our first tentative questions about renting equipment, to salad and dessert on our last night on the river, to our cars waiting for us in Peach Springs, everything was consistently better than we hoped for. They truly cared about doing everything they could to give us the trip of a lifetime, and they succeeded. Without hesitation, I would recommend them to anyone looking for any kind of support on a rafting trip through the Grand Canyon."

A. Carter

August 2018

Here is a sample quote sheet reflecting a typical Whole Shabang! trip:

Grand Canyon Raft Rentals Ceiba Adventures

The Whole Shabang! gets you a 10% discount on equipment rentals!

Additional Discounts Available



  • 5% off equipment rentals if you are a member of Grand Canyon River Guides (GCRG)

  • 5% off  if you are a Frontline Healthcare Provider

  • 5% off  for Military Service - active or veteran

  • 5% off   if you book 9 months in advance or earlier

Note that up to two of these discounts are applicable per trip. So, in addition to the 10% equipment rental discount for a Whole Shabang, you could get an additional 10% off using any 2 of the above. Discounts do not apply to shuttles, food or Hualapai fees.

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