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Grand Canyon Raft Rentals Ceiba Adventures

18' Ceiba Oar Rig

The Ultimate Grand Canyon Boat

Grand Canyon Raft Rentals Ceiba Adventures

Ceiba’s 18’ row rigs are bomber. We add 8 D-rings to the boats, for  perfect tie down locations for the frames. We use  1.5” straps for all the frame to boat straps, and the post trip maintenance on all of our boats and frames is simply impeccable. Details matter, as we take great pride in these rigs. Rest assured you will be down river, with the best gear available in the industry.

18' Full Oar Rig Rental: Grand Canyon: $60.00 per day | Other rivers: $150.00 for 1st day; $60.00 for each additional day

Paddle Boat / Boat Only: Grand Canyon: $45.00 per day | Other rivers: $112.50 for 1st day; $45.00 for each additional day

Ceiba Adventures 18 foot Grand Canyon raft rigging

18 foot full rig includes:

  • NRS E-180 Self-Bailing Raft

  • Aluminum frame w/ padded front hatch cover: Pre-rigged with all necessary straps and with drop bag

  • Aluminum floor

  • Aluminum trailer frame w/ hatch & drop bag

  • Rear deck board

  • Aluminum folding table

  • 4 – 11′ oars: Choice of a)open oar collars (for feathering), b)oar rights, or c)pins & clips

  • 3 oar towers w/ “woody allen” for adjusting

  • 205 qt. Canyon Cooler and cover

  • 2 white padded side box covers

  • 4" Barrel Pump in a storage bag

  • 5 gallon bail bucket

  • Bow line (30') and stern line (15') already attached

  • Rig bag with:

    • 15 x 1″ rigging straps (2' to 10' lengths)

    • Sand anchor and hammer

    • Throw bag

    • Drag bag

  • Throw cushion

  • Repair kit in a 50 cal box

  • Aluminum side boxes and 20mm ammo cans are available at additional cost.

Optional Items:


  • The front hatch and rear trailer frame can hold up to 6 x 20 mil cans each.

  • The front hatch and rear trailer frame can hold combinations of 20 mils and milk crates holding hearty vegetables, canned beverages, or propane tanks. Our aluminum boxes will also fit into these hatches. One of our aluminum boxes takes up the same space as 3 x 20 mil boxes.

  • Common floor board configuration is with 3 x 20 mil cans on one side and 1 aluminum box on the other side, with your foot well in the center

  • Several different packing configurations are possible within these 3 storage areas!

  • Folding aluminum table is strapped to the top of the rear trailer frame while on the water.

Ceiba Oar Rigs

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