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This form is NOT for guided 1-2 day Grand Canyon river trips. It is for people who have been awarded a noncommercial multi-day permit from the National Park Service.

Go to Rivers & Oceans for 1-2 day guided trips. 

Grand Canyon Estimate Request
If you take a few moments to fill out the details of your trip now, we can get back to you sooner with an estimate!
NOTE: You must already have a Grand Canyon Noncommercial River Permit. If you don't, you can apply here.
Do you have a previous trip with Ceiba?


Are you the permit holder?


A) The "Whole Shabang!" option is the total package and automatically gets you a 10% discount on all equipment rentals (not including food, shuttles, or Hualapai fees). It is the most cost effective choice. To qualify you must rent at a minimum:

1) At least 1 raft. You can include as many of your own as you want.

2) Complete Kitchen.

3) Food Pack.

4) Ceiba Shuttles.

The "Whole Shabang!" package includes:

• *Raft(s) with frame, oars, cooler, table, etc.

• 1 inflatable kayak or hardshell kayak

• *Complete kitchen set up

• *Complete food pack

• Water filter (Grand Canyon only)

• Complete toilet set up

• First Aid & Rescue kits

• Satellite phone

• *Ceiba shuttles to/from river

• All required NPS equipment


The "Whole Shabang!" is for those of you who want Ceiba to do everything. You can bring some of your own rafts, kayaks, etc. and we can be flexible on some of the the non-required elements if you want to bring your own.


B) The Parts & Pieces option is for trips needing only specific equipment or services to round out what you already have. There is no initial 10% discount on equipment rentals

Examples of choosing the Parts & Pieces option are:

"We just need to rent one raft set up to complete our fleet."

"We need a Complete Food Pack and Ceiba Shuttles only."

"We just need a groover set up and have Ceiba dump & clean."

"We just need a sat phone."


For Parts & Pieces, check from the following:
For Services, check from the following:


Example Comments:

• “We’re bringing 2 of our own boats in addition to the others we're renting from Ceiba. We’d like to incorporate the coolers and boxes into the food pack.”

• “Most of us are driving from Colorado and would like our personal vehicles shuttled from Lees Ferry to Flagstaff.”

Your message was sent successfully. Thanks!

We commonly will call you on the phone after receiving this so that we can start fine-tuning exactly what you might need. We'll get in touch before the end of the next business day.

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