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Northern Arizona Camping Equipment Rentals Ceiba Adventures

If you can't get on the water, lots of other places to go!

There are countless places to Boondock in the Four Corners Region. Boondocking can take on many forms, but it is basically known as free car camping outside of formal campgrounds, or wild camping. You typically will bring all your own camping amenities along with your mountain bikes and/or small watercraft. We can set you up with all the camping gear and small watercraft you'll need - whether it's just one of you or a group of 10.

Flagstaff is on the doorstep of plenty of USFS, BLM and State lands with countless great places in the Four Corners region to explore, hike, bike or just hang out. Grand Canyon is open for river trips, camping and visitation, as we continue to offer you outdoor options and places to unwind far from the everyday.

Ceiba has you covered for all your Boondocking adventures. Our extensive and complete inventory of camping gear is perfectly suited for Boondocking. Tents, sleeping gear, H2O jugs, stoves, tables and all kinds of coolers to fit your needs. Ceiba can even supply you with ice.

Our extensive experience in designing menus and food packing for groups can be tailored to your next boondocking trip. Talk to us about putting together a lightweight, nutritious and appropriate food pack for your next remote car camping adventure.

Check out our inventory of specialized equipment and let us help you outfit your next Boondocking vacation. Ceiba is your one-stop-shop location for equipment, food/ice, logistics and information!

Northern Arizona Camping Equipment Rentals Ceiba Adventures






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