18 foot frame closed
18 foot frame open

Ceiba 18' Frame

Aluminum main frame w/ drop bag & aluminum table - 1st day: $62.50 | each additional day: $25/day

Ceiba 18 foot trailer frame
18 foot trailer frame open

Ceiba 18' Trailer Frame

Trailer frame w/ drop bag - 1st day: $25 | each additional day: $10/day

Ceiba 16 foot frame
16 foot frame open

Ceiba 16' Frame

Aluminum main frame w/ drop bag & aluminum table - 1st day: $62.50 | each additional day: $25/day

Ceiba 16 foot trailer frame
16 foot trailer frame open

Ceiba 16' Trailer Frame

Trailer frame w/ drop bag - 1st day: $25 | each additional day: $10/day

14 foot  frame closed
14 foot frame open

Ceiba 14' Frame

Aluminum main frame w/ drop bag - 1st day: $62.50 | each additional day: $25/day

Ceiba rear mesh floor

Rear Mesh floor for 14′ boat

1st day: $5 | each additional day: $2/day

Ceiba rear deck board

Rear deck board for 18' & 16'

1st day: $12.50 | each additional day: $5/day

Ceiba motor transom

Ceiba Motor Transom - for 18' Frame

1st day: $62.50 | each additional day: $25/day

(motor and gas tank extra)



OARS - 1st day: $7.50 | each additional day: $3/day

11’ Smoker or Gull Wooden Oars       These handcrafted Ash Oars are known for their high strength to weight ratio. The feel, flex, durability, make these oars very popular amongst Grand Canyon river guides. Ceiba has a limited quantity of these oars, so please reserve them early.


11’ Sawyer Fiberglass Oars w/Dynalite Blades  The 1 5/8” diameter MXS shafts are exceptionally strong. You can’t find a more durable, high strength, flexible and light weight oar. Combined with the dynalite carbon fiber, super lightweight oar blade, these set the standard extremely high.


11’ Sawyer Fiberglass Counterbalanced Oars, w/dynalite blades.   This combo has all the same features that our standard Sawyer Oars have. But adding the counter balanced grip offsets the weight of the blade and lower portion of the shaft. During busy times of year, reserve these early, since we have a limited stock on hand. 


11’ Cataract Fiberglass Oar.  These powerful oars maintain enough stiffness, and flex for heavier boats in big whitewater. The SGX Oar shafts combined with the Magnum II Oar blades offer unparalled strength and comfort in an Oar. 


10’ Sawyer Fiberglass Oars w/dynalite blades.  Utilizing the 1 5/8” diameter MXS shafts, and the “tried and true” dynalite blades. These 10 footers are commonly used with our 16’ and 14’ self-bailers. 


10’ Sawyer Counterbalanced Oars w/dynalite blades. The same 1 5/8” diameter shafts and blades are utilized with these popular counterbalanced oars. The weight is in the handle and eases the strain on your arms and offsets the weight of the blade and lower oar. 


10’ Wooden Ash Oars  These utility, high quality ash oars are truly the best oar for the abusive situations where strength and durability are essential. 


9.5' Aluminum Carlisle Oar   The Carlisle’s are very popular, due to their low maintenance, strength,  and economical value. The shafts and blades are tempered aluminum with a plastic coating. These oars are ideal for the San Juan and all the small rivers in the South West. 


8’ Sawyer Fiberglass Oar w/dynalite blades.  These oars can be used with our Hyside Mini-Max, and the Rocky Mountain Phat Cats. They maintain the 1 5/8” diameter oar shafts along with the same dynalite blades. If you’re running an 8’ Oar it simply spells out FUN!! Get out there and do it!! 


Gilman Grips are available upon request. Limited supply.

Oar Set Up Options


PADDLES - 1st day: $2.50 | each additional day: $1/day