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Go BIG in Grand Canyon!

Ceiba is the premier rental provider for motor rigs in Grand Canyon. With over 40 years of experience in the motor business in Grand Canyon, we're your one-stop shop. We deliver your boat fully rigged to your put-in and take care of de-rigging at your trip’s conclusion, removing the hassle and physical work that packing and unpacking a motor boat demands. Our motor boat fleet is a perpetual source of pride for us, as well as a venue for improvement and innovation. All watercraft are registered in AZ. Several details to keep in mind if you may be interested in renting one of Ceiba’s state-of-the-art motorized crafts:


  • Shuttle costs are in addition to rental prices.

  • There is a $1500 Motor Boat trip Damage Deposit – Please inquire for complete details.

  • A qualified motor boatman is mandatory for renting any motor boats!

  • A thorough conversation with Scott Davis is required prior to rental approval.

Grand Canyon Motor Raft Rentals Ceiba Adventures

"The food was great and Ceiba's S-rig is the best on the river! The envy of the commercial companies!!"

L. Tillinghast

September 2021

37' S-RIG

Most commercial outfitters in the Grand Canyon are running S-rigs–one of the most durable and versatile motorized whitewater crafts. Ceiba’s S-rigs are completely adaptable to carry your party of 16 or to be rigged as equipment haulers. They additionally make ideal support vessels for paddle boats, kayaks, and other smaller watercraft. Next level, late model Electric Start Honda 4 stroke 30 HP outboard motors power our S-Rig. All our motor rigs come w/the Bimini top option. They can be a “lifesaver”during the hot summer months, and everyone loves the Bimini. Worried that you won’t have enough ice? – Not a problem on the 37ft! Nor is rigging or de-rigging the necessary camp gear on a daily basis – it happens fast. Let’s go hiking’!


Basic Rig includes:

  • 37’ DIB donut

  • Two 22’ side tubes

  • 1 mid-section roller tube

  • Rear aluminum motor basket frame w/ jackass transom

  • Front duffel basket frame with nose board

  • 2 aluminum 35 gallon cross gas tanks w/ fuel lines

  • 1 large 6’ cross box

  • 1 repair kit

  • 2 USCG fire extinguishers

  • 2 bow lines

  • Throw cushion

  • Current AZ Boat Registration

Call our office for pricing

Motor Shabang Complete Package

A completely outfitted trip with everything your group needs. The rig is wholly compliant with NPS regulations and includes all items above plus the following items:

  • 2 Electric Start Honda 4 stroke 30 HP outboard motors (runner motor has a tilt jack on the cowling)

  • 2 deep cycle marine batteries for runner and spare

  • Spare motor handle

  • Spare lower unit

  • Spare jackass handle

  • 2 motor extension handles

  • Minor and major tool kit

  • 2 motorwell boxes with seats

  • 2 cross boxes

  • Generator & blower

  • Spare props

  • Duffel tarp

  • Air pump

  • 2 sand anchors

  • 1 dead blow hammer

  • Throw bag

  • Drag bags

  • 80+ straps

  • Complete menu for up to 16 people

  • 5 - 205 quart Canyon coolers for meat, produce, dairy, lunch, extra ice

  • Full kitchen

  • Coolers & covers

  • Food boxes

  • Electric Vital water filter

  • Handwash system

  • Water jugs

  • Firepan  w/ fire blanket, small shovel and grill brush

  • Kitchen parawing rain/shade tarp or E-Z Up

  • 3 aluminum tables

  • Major first aid kit w/ signal panels, mirror and copy of current NPS regulations

  • Minor first aid kit

  • Toilet and day toilet

  • Poop boxes

  • As well as a custom Bimini

Contact Ceiba for a price quote on the Whole Shabang!

Grand Canyon Motor Raft Rentals Ceiba Adventures


Snout Boat

The 22′ Snout rig is an incredibly versatile motor boat that is also super fun to drive! It’s built on two 22’ pontoons with an aluminum frame in the center. The number of passengers the Snout can carry depends on the length of your trip. Snouts are ideal for a Hybrid trip in Grand Canyon! Combining the snout with 3 or 4 row rigs is a great combo. If your participant group includes a qualified boatman, we recommend considering the Snout for your Grand Canyon adventure!


Basic Rig includes: 

  • Two 22’ side tubes

  • Aluminum pipe frame design w/ a straight transom

  • 2 aluminum 35 gallon gas tanks w/ fuel lines & filters

  • 1 large 6’ aluminum cross box

  • 1 repair kit

  • 2 USCG fire extinguishers

  • 2 bow lines

  • Throw cushion

Call our office for pricing

Grand Canyon Motor Raft Rentals Ceiba Adventures


Call or email us for updated pricing


  • 30 HP, 4 stroke Honda “runner” Electric Start w/ extension handle

  • Deep cycle battery

  • 30 HP, 4 stroke Honda “spare” w/ extension handle

  • 15 HP – 4 stroke Honda, pull-start only

  • 50 HP, 4 stroke Honda Electric Start

  • Spare props

  • Spare lower units

  • Spare motor handles

  • Motor repair kit

  • Complete Tool Kit

  • 35 or 50 gallon gas tank

  • 6 gallon “runner” gas tank

  • Fuel lines (set of 2) w/ filters

  • Extension handle (2 included)

  • 6’ aluminum cross box

  • Motorwell box, with seat

  • 2 - 52″ Aluminum boxes

  • 2 USCG fire extinguishers

  • Heavy duty duffel tarp

  • Generator & blower, drill

  • Generator box, with seat

  • Bimini for S-Rig or Snout Boats

  • H2O Sprayer

  • Lake Lights (USCG approved)

  • Q-Beam w/ battery

  • Spill kit

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