10.5' Mini-Max Oar Rig

The Ultimate Play Boat

The Mini-Max is the most versatile little boat you can find. We’ve rigged this boat as a sweet little 10.5' row rig, with 8.5’ oars, a 50 qt. Canyon cooler, and a lightweight breakdown rowing frame. A totally rad small craft, load it up for an ultra-light,multi-day trip or an expedition where these boats really are the ideal craft for exploration. Trips have also been adding it onto their Grand Canyon package as a super fun, exciting, play boat. Mini-Max’s rock!!!

There are many options of rigging the Mini-Max out for your needs.  As a row rig, the front compartment, can take a full size aluminum dry box,  or utilize the front space with a drop bag and a small table for a passenger seating platform, or even a deck to rig your river bags on. Keep this boat lightweight and you can run Class V and easily portage the nasty spots. Really just getting out there in the Mini-Max will definitely bring excitement to your life!


10.5' Full MiniMax Oar Rig Rental: $100/1st day; $40/each additional day

Full rig includes, breakdown aluminum frame, 50 qt cooler, rig bag w/3 oar towers, sand anchor and hammer, throw bag, and 15 straps for tieing it all down, 4 Sawyer fiberglass Oars, and repair kit.

10.5 foot full oar rig includes:

  • Breakdown aluminum frame

  • 4 Sawyer fiberglass oars

  • 50 qt cooler

  • Rig bag with:

    • 3 oar towers

    • 15 x 1″ rigging straps (2' to 10' lengths)

    • Sand anchor and hammer

    • Throw bag

  • Bow line

  • Repair kit


  • The front hatch can hold up to 4 x 20 mil cans.

  • Floor board with two 25mm boxes, with your foot well in the center.

  • Several different packing configurations are possible within the front hatch!

  • Folding aluminum table is strapped to the top of the front hatch while on the water.

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