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Canyon Coolers 2022 Bobsled Event

Event Info from Canyon Coolers:


You have just been invited to our 2nd annual semi-secret downhill Cooler Bobsled Party


2022 Bobsled Run is set for Feb 17th. 



Where: Ft Tuthill Sledding Park - 6 lanes, and snowmaking

When: Feb 17th Thursday setup starts at 1PM racing starts at 3PM 

Dress Code:  Dress to impress

Bobsled Entry:  Limited to about 20 entries. 

Suggested donation $500 in cash or non perishable food. 

Entry includes one large cooler body supplied by Canyon Coolers

Also includes 2 open class entries


Open Classes (small and large):  Rafts, kayaks, packrafts, cooler lids 

Suggested donation $99   

Half price for Elvis impersonators or other 'costumes of excellence'


Proceeds to Benefit:  TBD - 501(c)3


Beer: Mother Road

Food Truck: TBD 

DJ and music provided (More cowbell)

Deliverables:  Tons of video, moderate to heavy bruising and an amazing time 



Likely Big Bobsled Competition:  Canyon Coolers / Mother Road Brewery / Ceiba / KC Highlights / Deckers-Hoku / Peace Surplus and more 


Entry Reservation Contact:  Leah Heffelfinger


We reserve the right to cutoff new entries at any time.

1/26/22 We received an email from Jason at Canyon Coolers that the response has been overwhelming. It sounds like this is going to be a much larger event than last year! All the more reason for us to go big!

Last year (2021) was the first event and the sled was designed, engineered and fabricated at the last minute on the morning of the event. Pilots were decided depending on amount of beer consumption up to that point. We just had Hunsaker making noise with the cowbell.


This year we're looking for a more organized front to blow the competition away and would love your participation! It is a super fun event!

Here is Ceiba's  in-house video from last year's event:

For 2022 the Ceiba team will consist of a:

  • Design, Engineering & Fabrication Team

  • Sled Driving Team

  • Pit Crew / Sled Haulers

  • Noisemakers

Here are the initial team assignments:

(The following list will be updated as changes happen)

Design, Engineering & Fabrication Team

Nate (Director),Joey, Hunsaker, Brandon, Scott. Hunsaker & Brandon won't be able to attend the race.

Sled Driving Team

Team 1: Katie (Pilot), Tyler (Brakeman/Pusher)

Team 2: Shonie (Pilot), Chris P (Brakeman/Pusher)

Team 3: Rachel (Pilot), Scott (Brakeman/Pusher)

From Wikipedia: "A sled team has a pilot, a brakeman, and pushers. Athletes are selected based on their speed and strength, which are necessary to push the sleigh to a competitive speed at the start of the race."


Pit Crew / Sled Haulers

David, Adam, Jenny, Owen, Kyle, Joey

Noisemaking Team

Carolyn (Director & Chief Dog Handler), Jenn, Nicole, Marilyn, Jimmy G, etc. We will need a full on noise-making  section to fully root our sled teams down the track!

Unsafe Activities Committee (Photo / Video)

Geoff (Chairman)

Shawn Browning


  • We need noisemaking devices: cow bells, air horns, vuvuzelas, Ceiba bullhorn, referee whistles, big drum, ??? From Ceiba we can bring a couple of metal trash can lids, 5 gal bailing buckets, old pots, oar handlers for can smashers, old parts to roll-a-tables, ??? See some examples below.

  • Items to think about bringing:

    • It would be great for everyone to have their team Ceiba Ororo jackets. Dress warm!

    • Crampons / Ice Cleats / Traction Snow Grips - especially for pushers

  • If you've been assigned to a team that you don't want to be on or there is a particular role that you would like to play or a team that is not yet listed here, by all means please let the office know.

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